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Fact sheet

Title:                I Just Want to be Single!!

Release Date:                           June 2023

Platforms:        PC/Mac/Linux (Steam)

Developer:                      Tsundere Studio

Publisher:                           Self Published

About the game

  • A dating sim where you avoid cute babes instead of dating them?!

You are Aya - a timid, anxiety ridden mess that wants nothing more than to start fresh in your final year of high school. New school, new people, making friends will DEFINITELY work this time! But in a strange twist of fate, it turns out your new haircut is making everyone in class fall in love with you instead?! How will you make new friends with cute girls that are looking for more than just friendship?

  • The (anti) dating sim you've been waiting for...

In 'I Just Want to be Single!!', you'll find yourself in situations where love is way more intense and extreme than any protagonist can handle. Play minigames, talk to girls and try to survive high school by getting along with your classmates... but not too well! You'll have to balance between making them like you just enough so you'll still be friends but not too much that you'll make them fall for you!


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